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2004 PBR World Champion, Mike Lee, has been wearing Bull Tough head gear for nearly 10 years

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Bull Tough head gear is worn by more professional bullriders than any other means of head protection and is now being worn in 6 different countries: America, Brazil, Italy, Colombia, Canada, Mexico & Australia


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The lightest weight face guard for a lighter Bull Tough head gear, designed for the chin tuck position required in all rough stock riding events.  Bull Tough Headgear is designed by a 12 year veteran bull rider with a PRCA champion history who suffered a series of head injuries, the last of which was nearly fatal.  Bull Tough devotes all of its time and resources to the safety and protection of bull riders everywhere. As a result, countless lives have been saved for the past 10 years and devotedly into the future.

"New technology aided in creating Bull Tough for the outcome of aggressiveness to be predictable."

"Morris Futch designed this helmet after his good friend Brent Thurman got killed..."

"I have been researching these helmets hard because somebody had fed me the wrong information." Mr. Marshall, dad of a Bull Tough end user. Read full story here


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"I have known Morris for almost 20 years through our common...."



"Bull Tough is the way to go"

"This is what all of the pros wear, any more questions?"

Dustin Hall



" To be truly inspired, it not only has to have a name, it
must perform"!
Morris Futch

The Man Behind The Mask

 Food For Thought:

Head Gear Savings

+$500.00 ambulance ride

+$10,000 avg medical bill

+$5000 rehabilitation

+$30,000 in missed winnings

+PAIN and SUFFERING with potential disfigurement

Bull Tough ... PRICELESS

Bull Tough insurance initial investment with 1 premium due $479.00


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Brent Thurman

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  Photo Courtesy of Kay Thurman

  Dear Morris,

  I don't know if you remember me or not, we met at The Little Britches Rodeo in Colorado Springs, mid 90's. I was the roughstock photographer, and you were just starting to promote your helmet. As I recall, you spent your last bit of money for a plane ticket to the finals, and couldn't afford a room, but you had a relative there that you stayed with but had no way back and forth from the rodeo, so I gave you a ride back and forth most days. Although we only were acquainted for a week, I'm glad I had a "small" part in helping you get you're product off the ground. It's wonderful to see you doing so well!

Steve Whitfield Arlyss, LA.


I purchased my bull tough over a year and have had nothing but positive outcome from it.  My confidence has improved and in turn my riding has improved. I go into the arena planning to win instead of questioning my ability. It is the smartest decision I have made in my rodeo career.  Just recently a bull stepped on my back and head solid with both hind feet.  Without the bull tough on I would have definitely suffered serious injury and to what extent who knows, but thanks to the bull tough it was avoided and I walked out of the arena. Morris designed the perfect helmet for riding bulls and it will be the only helmet I wear into the arena for the rest of my career.
Josh Cain

Dear Mr. Morris,

This is Lance Bache and I was writing to tell you thanks for the BullTough Helmet. Your helmet saved my jaw from being crushed.
I got jerked down and a bull stepped on my helmet. The hoof bent the mask into my jaw. I broke my jaw and I’m going to have my jaw wired shut for 4 to 6 weeks. If I would have had a hockey helmet on my jaw would be crushed right now, and if I wouldn’t have had a helmet on at all there is no telling how bad my face would be right now.
So thanks again Mr. Morris. I won’t consider wearing another helmet besides the BullTough. It has saved me from countless concussions and has saved my life more than once. 

Lance Bache
Walker, LA




Our Bull Toughs hard at work taking care of our freedom to live and ride bulls!" Kevin Jordan  Ft Hood, Tx

What Professional Commentators have said about Bulltough:

"... you couldn't get hit in the face any
harder than that!" and he made a safe escape.

(about Harve Stewart)

While watching the 7th round of the PBR Finals in Las Vegas.

Other comments:

I cant wait to see the difference from a normal hockey helmet to a bulltough helmet. I have at time's problems keepin my chin tucked JB Mauney told me he solved his Problem By Your helmet.
Shea Willard

These Bull Tough helmets have the face guard designed so you can keep your chin tucked. I used to wear a hockey helmet with the 1/8" wire faceguard. The wires were spaced so that a horn can get through. I have made the switch to Bull Tough and I will never have any other!
JB Mauny/Built Ford Tough Series rider


my name is Chris young, I'm 19, and a bullrider from western Australia. I purchased one of your helmets about six months ago on the advice of champion bullrider and good friend Brad Scott who you would know. previous to this i had used a hockey helmet my entire career. after just the first ride in you product i knew this had been designed by someone with first hand experience. lightweight yet tough with excellent visibility. perfection could be used to describe you product. wearing it gives me the extra confidence even over the conventional hockey helmet, to go harder in my rides, knowing that bulltough is behind me keeping me safe. and it has saved me time and time again already in bad situations. I would personally like to thank you for designing this. you are part of the backbone of the bullriding industry. keeping riders safe and healthy to ride again and again without concern. you are a true credit to the sport. 
thank you very much again.
yours in rodeo
Chris Young 

Thanks for this inspiring letter. It gives me great pleasure to know bull riders are thinking along these lines.
 All Bull Tough end users are heroes of mine. Guys like yourself that have made this ever so important step
to increase the safety of our sport.
Thanks, Morris



For  every
DVD that is sold, one dollar goes to the Resistol Relief Effort.


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A bull rider mounting bulls for (Texas bull man) Sid Evans was bragging on his hockey helmet and, as a result, one bull later he received a couple of hours in reconstructive surgery on his jaw and face.


Approximately 20% of riders stepped up to secure their earnings at the 2002-2003 World Finals in Las Vegas!


Bull Tough is internationally advertised as the #1 head protection in Bull Riding .


This was the finding of the retrospective medical survey performed by Dr Mark Brandenberg in Tulsa Ok.

This study supports the hypothesis that the Bull Tough helmet diminishes the incidence of head injury in bull riders.

To read the full report see

Medical Studies



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